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Silent audio output from Nicaudio

first post: Mixer wrote: Hi there,I have occasional silent audio produced by Nicaudio, but B...

latest post: tebasuna51 wrote: The same problem than first post.Your source audio begins with audi...

NicLPCMSource hangs up at the end of Blu-ray PCM audio.

first post: zu0ke wrote: With NicAudio 2.0.3, it happens as follows:1. Demux PCM from m2ts (...

latest post: tebasuna51 wrote: Sorry, I don't see the patch.Solved in new release v2.0.4Thanks.

AC3 with internal changing format => mute

first post: mumin wrote: I wanted to decode an AC3 file with NicAudio (r202) via AviSynth N...

latest post: tebasuna51 wrote: AviSynth need a fix number of channels, bitrate and samplerate alon...

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